Since its foundation in 1987, Project Agency ART has successfully been making  project documentation for objects with different purposes. 

     This year, it will be 30 years of work for our private project agency. With this long period of successive work, many of our domestic companies couldnít boast of.

     After a period of time when aesthetic and treasure of details was neglected, we were the first to offer a different style in design to our market. We advertised this through published catalogues, media and on architecture and construction fairs.

     Today we can rightfully say that this way of work contributed to the image of our company as one of the leading designing agencies in Serbia and wider.

     Details about the owners of our company are available on: about us.

     The agency deals with designs for family objects, weekend houses, objects for small industry, solar houses regarding  and respecting customerís wishes or according to our catalogue.

     An experienced team of our associates uses ultra-modern computer technology and is therefore able to answer most of your demands.

     Using modern equipment and their skills our associates are capable of making fast and high-quality detailed project documentation for everything that you need.

     Our projects are fully valid on territory of Republic of Serbia and on territory of Montenegro, therefore in both of these states we have company and licensed project engineers. We make all phases of project documentation which are required for building license.

     Besides basic activities of making project documentation, our agency deals with the following:

         Making projects for electrical installation;

         Making projects for central heating;

         Construction of objects and supervision of objects under construction;

         Interior design;

         Garden design;

         Providing expert advice;

         Making drafts and offering possible solutions;

         Changing and rearranging the existing projects;

         Providing  construction documentation;

         Legal expertise and damage evaluation;


         Designing and constructing industrial objects (large workshops and halls);

         Designing multi-storey family buildings and blocks of flats;

         Making documentation for credits and legalization;

         Making documentation of interior of business objects for receiving of handling license;

         Graphic design and computer services.


     The projects carried out for residential areas are the most numerous. Their number is impressive and gives us a possibility to answer every possible request. We can provide you with business plans for your company as well.

     We can make complete projects, or to make projects  based on your sketches and demands. Projects  are done in a classic way, using painting techniques and by the computer (CAD and 3D renderings).

     If you would like to know more about our projects, please search our printed catalogues our CDs on  the link: catalogues.

     Consulting and additional information are available at any time.

     Fast, professional and at a good price.


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